Decorating an outdoor Christmas bench

Homemade outdoor christmas decorationsAre you thinking of different decorating idea for your yard this year? There are certainly some homemade Christmas decoration that can be both fun to make as well as rewarding. Well, different areas in your yard will require different decorations, so you need to consider that carefully. One of the way to decorate your yard is perhaps to use a wooden bench as your focal point.

1) Starting Point

Begin the decorating by bringing the wooden bench into life. Use it as the focal point of your entire Christmas yard decoration. Look for a place in your yard to position the wooden bench. You can probably able to purchase it from the antique stores. As the bench can still be used after Christmas, it is worth the price you pay for it.

2) Balance

Balance is one of the most important design principles too hold on to when decorating your yard. There must be a harmonious flow in your decorating ideas. Hence you have to make sure that your bench is decorated in a symmetrical manner. Do begin by adding a natural or artificial greenery across the back of the bench. Wrap it if required securely so that it will not drop off during winter. Balance the depth as well as the weight on either end of the bench.

3) Lighting and Accessories

Add spotlights or holiday lights to the bench to provide it with great lighting effect. You can focus the light onto the bench and also add the string light towards it. Hook up small tin lanterns, winger flowerpots and even metal plates to create the overall effect. These can be homemade, hence it will not cost you any significant budget.

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